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There are three main pillars to the work carries out.

Projects / Renovation / Maintenance & Facilities 

Below is a brief overview in more detail.


There are three main pillars of work that Wulverhorst carries out


Below is an overview in more detail...

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Download the Wulverhorst brochure detailing how we collaborate with you to work and deliver your project, to your specific needs.

Wulverhorst is the versatile contractor, specialising in projects for the business market. Regardless of the nature, size or location of your project, our team is ready for you.

We work for different sectors from retail, hotels and offices, to government buildings, the pharmaceutical industry and beyond; we completely adapt to the specific requirements of each client and each project.

The showcase imagery on this website represents the clients that have chosen to collaborate with Wulverhorst because of our proven experience and the dedication to deliver customised solutions.

Wulverhorst take on projects in European countries including The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and Austria.


There will come a time when your building or home no longer meets your needs. Perhaps you want more space, a new layout or a complete redesign? In all these cases, renovation is the solution for you. 


Wulverhorst offers a total package with the guidance, expertise and custom-made blueprints to turn your ideas into reality; delivering on a small scale, in a larger construction team or a complete turnkey. From offices, commercial buildings, retail locations and more, renovation is one of Wulverhorst’s specialties.


Furthermore, Wulverhorst has its own construction workshop where custom elements are created under precision management. Wulverhorst masters all the components you need to make your renovation a success.


High quality, flexibility, and focused dedication make Wulverhorst a trusted, sort after partner, when it comes to professional renovation work.


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After a detailed consultation with you, Wulverhorst carry out the maintenance of your building in both scheduled maintenance and unexpected maintenance due to malfunctions or emergencies. No challenge or call-out is too big or small. 


We work with competent professionals who have years of experience with these activities. Every day our team carry out maintenance work on government buildings, retail and catering establishments, company offices plus protected environments like research centres within the pharmaceutical industry. Many of these men and women are certified and vaccinated to work safely in protected environments such as laboratories.


Working with the most modern devices and up-to-date software, we meet the desired needs of all our clients.

Furthermore, we are continually praised for our reliability, quality and flexibility, which gives peace of mind and makes Wulverhorst a trusted partner when it comes to maintenance & facility work.

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There are three main pillars of work that Wulverhorst carries out


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If there’s one area of construction work that Wulverhorst have seen an increased demand for over recent years, it’s the area of residential renovation. ‘Nesting’ is a real thing! People want a cozy, desirable and well designed home that reflects their life and lifestyle.


We’ve stripped out and rebuilt complete homes as well as doing single projects like remodelling bathrooms, building kitchens, creating basement dens, home office make-overs and making spacious loft conversions. Do you have a project that you want started and finished with 100% commitment from a professional team? Wulverhorst is only an email away!


Wulverhorst receive many inquiries regarding renovation and projects for SMEs (Small/Medium Sized Businesses) The short answer is YES, we happily work with ‘the little guy’!

We’ve helped reshape and renovate smaller office areas, build coffee corners and place Micro Offices Spaces inside multiple smaller businesses. If you’re in need of a professional contractor who can guide you through initial design & planning to a finished constructed space, call us. We’re here to make your space, the way you want it. 

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