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Wulverhorst recently became a member of Bouwend Nederland, the association of construction and intrabusiness companies. An association that can provide advice in all kinds of areas that you may encounter as a construction company. 

Who are Bouwend Nederland?:

Bouwend Nederland works for approximately 4,800 affiliated companies, making it the largest employers' organization in the construction and infrastructure sector. We represent the interests of a dynamic sector with 400,000 jobs and a turnover of €70 billion per year. We do this with 140 moslty highly educated professionals from our head office in Zoetermeer, five regional offices in the Netherlands and a branch in Brussels. The topics we deal with are numerous; a selection of which is the housing market, sustainable construction, innovation, mobility, sustainable employability, safety, infrastructure, digitalization. 

Bouwend Nederland unites, connects and supports construction and infrastructure companies. We do this through three core tasks: advocacy, industry development and member service. 


One of the core tasks of Bouwend Nederland is advocacy. In our contacts with national, provincial, regional and local authorities, we try to create conditions with and for construction and infrastructure companies that enable them to perform optimally. We also promote construction production under the motto 'The Netherlands is not finished'. The association is seen as a serious discussion partner that thinks about solutions to social issues. 

Industry development

Bouwend Nederland simulates the further professionalization of the construction sector by offering programs aimed at the business operations of construction companies. We focus on raising awareness and increasingly on supporting members in the application of knowledge in the company. We also bring Bouwend Nederland members into contact with new markets and provide access to external networks. 

Member service

Bouwend Nederland offers members an extensive package of service avtivities, both in the form of first and second line services and member benefits. The services are provided at all levels within the association: national, regional, local and through specialist departments.  Examples of individual services include Bouwend Nederland Advice (helpdesk collective labor agreement, legal advice and Bouwend Nederland Academy), second-line advice by our Social Affairs advisors and a large number of member benefits, ranging from insurance to company clothing. 


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