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My team always fed back to me the professionalism, dedication and drive to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Marc Nicol

Group Property Director - Sircle

All the WD+C team are very pleased with Wulverhorst’s quality, dedication and performance.

Carmen Fauquet

Property Project Manager - Nike

Wulverhorst did a terrific job and our operations team are very happy. Huge thanks to everyone.

Bernhard Steinhorst

Director - Starbucks



Wulverhorst believes in creating close working relationships with all their partners. This belief is clear to see in all the Wulverhorst team; from the project managers to the designers through to the foremen and managers on site.


Trust is earned, it's never just given. This means that when a commitment is made, it is seen through and delivered. This is how trust is built.

Wulverhorst are extremely proud to work alongside all their partners and the trusted relationships they have nurtured.

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